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n a m e ➜ ittetsu takeda
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g a m eholly heights
c a n o n p o i n t ➜ circa ch. 90
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Oct. 27th, 2015 10:26 pm
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ukaiazumane | nishinoya

 Hello, you've reached Ittetsu Takeda! Leave me a message and I'll return it as soon as possible!

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Oct. 27th, 2015 10:15 pm
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Anon enabled!

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Player: Gideon
Age: 23
Personal Journal: [personal profile] praetempto
Contact Info: [ profile] arthasmenethil
Other Characters: Norifumi Kawakami/[personal profile] sidewind

Characters Name: Ittetsu Takeda
Age: 29
Canon: Haikyuu!!
Canon Point: Circa ch. 90 (during the Tokyo training camp)
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Orientation: No 100% canon evidence as far as I'm aware, but I read him as bisexual.

History: "You guys being weak means you have room to grow. And there's no greater joy than that."

On the slightly shorter side compared to the average volleyball team (about 5'5.5"), with permanently tousled hair and large eyes (and larger glasses), Takeda generally appears younger than his 29 years. He can usually be seen wearing a track jacket over his usual school attire, which is a suit (and in the absence of the track jacket, he's probably wearing the appropriate blazer with the rest of the suit). Sometimes he also wears the full tracksuit that the rest of the team is often seen sporting.

Personality: Best described (and self-described) as "persistent," Ittetsu Takeda is the faculty advisor for the Karasuno volleyball team, and he's honestly just doing the best he can. Not being all that familiar with volleyball from the outset, he often relies on the kindness of the team members as well as the occasional handbook to get a handle on what's happening in matches. However, nobody seems to begrudge his lack of experience, and he's earned the fond nickname  "Take-chan" among the club members and is shown to be generally quite well-liked.

Takeda mentions that persistence is his only redeeming quality, though this is up for debate, and that persistence is shown fairly regularly: he's often shown scraping together practice matches for the team, usually by making nigh on millions of phone calls while refusing to take no for an answer. Despite this, he's generally a little embarrassed when called on his behavior; Nekoma's coach teases him by saying he only agreed to a practice match because Takeda wouldn't quit. Karasuno's current coach, Keishin Ukai, was recruited (initially) in a similar manner, with Takeda visiting the store Ukai worked at regularly and calling frequently to ask him to take the position-- eventually, he proved to be persuasive enough for it to work, so his persistence isn't only obnoxious.

He's most certainly on the higher strung side, but he's far from neurotic-- more like easily excited. He can be quick to panic, but is also quite serious when it's called for. Part of being easily excited means he can easily be caught up in strong emotions, and being on the sidelines of volleyball matches means he reacts strongly to every play, cheering as much as he can when a point is scored and cringing and panicking when something goes wrong. His quick-to-surface passion and propensity for simply getting carried away with feelings lead to some pretty good (if flowery) motivational speeches, but it isn't always the good stuff with him!  Being a teacher first and foremost, he refuses to let the volleyball club members' grades slip too far, and reminds the students with no hesitation when they should be focusing on their studies instead of solely on sports, and he can also be seen encouraging good academic habits balanced with dedication to volleyball.

Essentially, Ittetsu Takeda is a good-natured and generally easygoing man with a lot of passion for what he does (and the extra position he's taken on), always giving 110% to provide his baby birds every opportunity to succeed that he can get his hands on, and finds himself nearly as wrapped up in it all as the kids themselves while retaining the self-awareness to make sure that nothing is lost in the process.

Abilities: Bowing really, really fast.


First Person: [takeda isn't really sure what to make of this whole situation, to be honest. waking up in an unfamiliar place that is definitely not the same place in which you went to sleep is a little jarring. or a lot, actually. he's not the type to lose his head at the drop of a hat, though he's somewhat easily excited, and while he's kind of got the jitters now, he's been able to keep it cool for long enough to try to figure out this whole... network thing. when he appears on the network, he's pushing up his glasses, looking kind of frazzled.]

Oh-- it's on! Hello...? I think--? Ah, I'm Ittetsu Takeda, and... judging by all the names in my phone, a lot of people here will already know who I am. I, ah, I don't really understand what's going on, or how I got here, but it's nice to know that some members of the club are here! [he laughs a little and then quiets, fumbling for more to say.]

For those of you who don't already know me... I'm... or, I was, I guess, the faculty advisor for Karasuno High School's volleyball club. And in case faculty didn't make it immediately obvious, that means that I'm also a teacher! I don't know if there are any other educators here, or... wait, this looks like a kind of normal town. Is there a school? I haven't looked through all the things I was given when I woke up yet... I should probably do that before I talk a lot more here. Ah, but if any of my students see this, please respond to me! Or... maybe come find me, or something. [he fumbles to disconnect, breathing a quick, quiet curse that's cut off by the feed shutting off.]

Third Person: The truth is that one of the most useful things Takeda can do for the team is cheer for them on the sidelines-- it's just a fact, and not one that he's particularly interested in changing. He's not a physically strong man (though he's probably gained a little bit of strength since taking on the role of advisor), and at the outset he knew next to nothing about volleyball. But something he's learned from years of teaching is that simply being somebody to offer encouragement can make a world of difference, and the importance of verbal support shouldn't be discounted.

This doesn't necessarily stop him from occasionally wondering if he's really the best person for the job. Would they be better off with somebody who could help them practice more? Somebody who was really knowledgeable about volleyball? The other members, and Ukai-kun as well, have done their best to educate him, and while he's got a pretty good handle on it now, there are times when he still needs to ask questions, and wouldn't that time be better spent practicing? It seems counterintuitive to his teaching rhetoric, where questions are encouraged, no matter how silly they seem-- but this is different; he's an adult, he's an advisor, he should know better. There are times, such as now, when the adrenaline of a good practice session has worn off and he's alone with his thoughts (and some papers to grade, and a beer), he wonders what exactly he offers these children beyond his persistence and his voice from the side of the court.

He doesn't think he's been useless-- he doesn't make a habit of actively undervaluing himself (though others might say that suggesting that persistence is literally his only redeeming quality is too harsh to be accurate), and he can think fairly easily of things he's done that have helped the team: he's scrounged up plenty of old connections to try and give the boys more opportunities to practice (that worked out especially well with Nekoma, considering the fact that they've been invited to training camps on more than one occasion by this time), and he managed to convince Ukai-kun to come and coach, even if he can't really take credit for him staying on. He's as supportive as he can be despite his inexperience, but still. 

Takeda settles back in his chair, absently tapping the cap of his pen against the paper he's grading, tipping his head back thoughtfully. Is persistence enough? Will he learn enough to be truly useful? Does it matter?

You guys being weak means you have room to grow. And there's no greater joy than that.

He has room to grow, too, he realizes. He's told the boys countless times with a variety of enthusiastic speeches that a lack of complete success or an inability to do something signifies the potential for growth. He thinks about their faces after he tells them they've done well, or after he delivers some motivational pre-game monologue, or when he tells them he's arranged another practice match-- they all look happy. They've been given more chances to play, and there's at least one person who believes in them, no matter what their shortcomings are. None of them are perfect. He might be an authority figure, but he's still only human, isn't he? If he can get those kids to smile and believe in themselves, and thank him sincerely for his effort, then maybe it's enough. 

A smile is pulling at his mouth before he realizes it, and he breathes a laugh through his nose. He's doing okay, in the scheme of things, but maybe he's overestimating the importance of a faculty advisor. He should probably just keep on doing what he's been doing-- and then who knows? Maybe someday he'll be really useful, and they'll ask how they ever got by without him!

It's possible.

But for now, he'll finish his work and spend some quality time with his drink and his volleyball how-to book, now dog-eared and covered in sticky notes with remarks based on what he's seen and heard from the team, and in the back of his mind, he'll wonder how else he can put his persistence to use.

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